- miia -

because you’re still 
in my dreams;
i guess you mean 
more to me 
when i’m out.

about me ; about her ; gallery

- about me -
my name is marvel, i'm an 18 year old college student and i love snakes. my pronouns are they/them.
i have one ball python and im getting another in july. i also plan to get garter snakes in the future.
i'm getting a degree in photography and plan to finish college in 2020.
i have a few other hobbies, such as doll collecting and making youtube videos.

- about her -
miia is a beautiful lamia with long pink locks and an endlessly charming smile.
she is a very domestic woman who longs for a future with a husband and many children.
her character is one of loyalty and love; and i adore how eager she is to love.
i wish i could touch her soft snake body and comfort her when she's sad.

- gallery -
will be updated as i find more pictures!